Summary of Findings

Our project's discoveries are based on data compiled from Google Trends and articles written at the time of the Super Bowl. We discovered that many of the most popular commercials (or popularly talked about) led to a significant increase in google queries for the given company's brand name. While specific conclusions about whether these searches lead to purchases of a brand cannot be made, it is certain that the commercials garnered large amounts of attention from viewers and/or others who simply heard about a certain commercial.

Our Conclusion

Through our research into the correlation between Super Bowl advertisement popularity and search query volume, we have determined that, seemingly obviously, that the most popular and talked about commercials attracted huge amounts of attention relative to the normal search volumes of their brand. Brand names such as Doritos, Mr Clean, Avocados from Mexico, and Skittles benefited very positively in reaching a wide, curious audience. Less intuitively, the Mr Clean commercial that was correlated with a large increase in google searches for Mr Clean was widely considered to be poorly accepted by the audience. While a positively accepted commercial with a positive correlation to searches means great news for the brand reputation and name of a company, it may not necessarily immediately and directly translate into an increased bottom line. Thus, it is debatable what the effects of a popular but negatively-perceived commercial would be. One possible theory would be that it would tarnish the brand name, to an extent, but this effect could be canceled out by the increase in popularity of the brand over the time period. Overall, our discoveries of the correlations led us to conclude that popular commercials, whether they are perceived to be good or bad by the audience, result in a greatly increased volume of search queries for their respective brands.

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